Patient Participation Group

The key objectives of the Patient Participation Group are to:

  • Create a “voice” for patients to feed back to the GPs and agree priorities and raise issues on behalf of all patients
  • Ensure patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided

The group’s activities are undertaken mainly on-line with a quarterly meeting to review progress and to set strategy.

Examples of the activities already being undertaken by the group include:

  • Providing suggestions about how patient services can be improved
  • Supporting the practice with new developments such as the new telephone and patient management systems
  • Being advocates for patients as a link to the doctors
  • Providing assistance with future plans such as the need for improved premises and facilities

The only membership requirement is that a member must be a patient of the practice. New members are required from time to time and we are keen to ‘recruit’ some younger members (aged 40 or below), and someone with a physical disability to represent their views.

If you would like to register for our PPG, please complete our online Patient Participation Group Registration form.